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Highlighted Projects

We focus on producing high-impact work in the AR/VR field.

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The first AI-driven in-HMD game engine

XR development is slow and painful with large entry barriers. From spawning objects to composing game logic, AtomXR allows anyone to create any application at runtime using natural language. With AtomXR, anything you can imagine, you can create.


Digital characters, friends, clones, and more

Our current extended reality worlds lack consistent synchronous interaction from users and therefore tend to feel empty. From open-ended conversations to decision-making, XRAgents are dynamic parts of your world that can serve as digital friends, clones, fictional characters, and more.

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Low-Cost AR

Building utility-focused AR glasses from scratch

Current commercial AR glasses cost upwards of hundreds of dollars and have little day-to-day utility for the average person. We are developing DIY AR Glasses that are affordable, easy to build, and actually useful. To achieve this goal, we are taking apart a phone and using the electronics for the frames. This allows the device to have an entirely supported OS and App Library, with native mobile AR built-in, and because it has all the functionality of a phone, a user could replace their phone with AR entirely.


Dual-function haptic gloves for input and output

We are designing a new set of haptic gloves that combine all XR interactions into one controller, which has high text input bandwidth, can act as VR controllers, and in addition as haptic feedback gloves that can feel dozens of different virtual materials. To do this, we use piezoelectric sensors and actuators on the tips of each finger, and use computer vision to determine the keys being typed.



Intelligent AR assistant for real-time insights

Do you ever go through life, asking yourself questions about the environment you are in? We are developing an intelligent AR assistant that provides real-time information, insights, and visualizations to users within their environment. Users can prompt JARVIS to give them information about anything in their world, encouraging and nurturing human curiosity in understanding the environment around them.

Life Documentation

Software systems for effective life documentation

Software systems for effective life documentation

Life is finite, time is unidirectional, and we itch to immortalize ourselves through documenting our lives. The Life Documentation project is a collection of software modules integrated with XR hardware that enables both automated and human-in-the-loop processing of life documentation data.

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Projects with Collaborators

We offer our members opportunities to work with our collaborator organizations. To inquire about active opportunities, email

Harvard Visualization Laboratory
Harvard MG AR/VR Laboratory
MIT Immersion Laboratory
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